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Solid Waste Management
Last update : 27-Feb-2017
The twilight frogs are silent.
Stray dogs, smoking waste…
Oh, pity my poisoned land
Handcarts for door step collection need large bins
Biotreating wind-rows of fresh garbage + four weekly heap turnings gives stabilised waste to comply with MSW Rules
Dear Reader
Welcome to ways in which we can clean our country together and keep it clean for our children and granchildren.

This is a guidebook for the cleanliness of our 6 lakh villages and 7935 towns.* All these need Swachh Bharat  Plans and programs.

It provides proven, workable, commonsense and easy solutions to the Waste  Management problems faced everywhere.

This booklet begins with General Principles for keeping our surroundings clean. The Doorstep Collection and Micro planning sections show how urban spaces can be rapidly cleaned up with just a month or two of effort.

Information follows for villages and the smallest towns, as the same basic needs and solutions apply to all, big or small.

Suggestions are added, in each chapter, for larger towns and cities. So those covered by one chapter should also read all earlier ones.

Read through the Index fully first, So you can find what you need.

The whole world is moving from waste to resource management. It is our resourcefulness that is going to make a difference and ideas do not work, we have to work on them.

If we are sincere 'Sach' in our efforts 'Swachh' is just an arm's distance away.
Let us not call our country dirty, jut because we have forgotten to clean our glasses. Happy deaning.

Just 5% carrybags (R ) are bulkier than finished compost (L) in compost plants
Adding city compost (L) improves yield and drought resistance of paddy and other crops, compared to only chemical fertiliser use (R).
Shredded plastic improves bitumen roads when added to heated stones before adding tar.
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